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Sport & Loisir Event 2018

Join Gaming Tunisie in “Sport & Loisir” event organized by IFE.
Event surprises :

– Register an account in Gaming Tunisie’s website and get 500 Points GT for FREE !*.
– Get your account verified instantly (dont forget your CINs + a copie).
– All products are on sale.
– Coupons for even more discounts.
– Buy and receive Points GT and keys instantly.
– Buy Riot Points !
– Join VIP Program (the more you spend the more coupons and points you receive).
– FIFA and TEKKEN tournaments during last 2 days.
– And many more !

Save the date (28-29-30 September 2018)a
at Centre Culturel et Sportif D’elmanzah, Tunis
Dont forget to bring your friends and challenge them !


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